Starting up TVT has been on my mind for the last couple of years. I kept on meeting visitors to Mont-Tremblant and the locals asking me where to find the best rides. Of course, the usual suspects are up and around the mountain. But once you’ve done the climb on Duplessis and a run on the IronMan circuit or a tour on Le nordet, many wonder what’s next. You can turn to Strava or Ride with GPS but then what is it really like. That’s why Tours Vélo Tremblant Bike Tours came to be.

There are about 100 different rides that start off in the Mont-Tremblant area. Some are real short and others make a bike trip memorable. One of my favorite loops is about 80KM long with close to 1,000 meters of vertical. Nothing radical but just a nice ride along the valleys of the Rouge River and La Diable (The Devil’s River).

You start off at any place. At the resort, downtown or from the village. This is what it looks like:

Lac superieur allonge

You can also view it on YouTube.

You have the 2 river valleys, you have lakes, you have nice roads and you might meet a moose or a deer or two. You can also stop in La Conception and visit the covered bridge, grap a muffin at the General Store in Arundel, or stop for an espresso in Lac Supérieur. This ride is simply amazing.